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The Protection your Cargo Deserves

Protecting your cargo against financial losses is crucial, in events such as rough weather, fire, theft, and many other occurrences.

Our Extended Protection solution is the extra level of protection you need for your cargo’s partial or full value. To offer you peace of mind, MSC’s extended protection is available globally for a wide range of cargo categories.

With a simple, fast-tracked claim’s resolution process and one-stop-shop approach aiming to solve claims in 30 working days from the submission of all necessary documents, protecting your cargo has never been easier. Add extended protection to your booking in a few clicks and enjoy seamless protection of your cargo’s value and the support of a dedicated team at every step of your cargo’s protection journey.

  • One-stop-shop approach

  • Widest possible cargo protection

  • Easy pricing procedure

  • Unique point of contact for your claims

Why Choose MSC Extended Protection?

From competitive tariffs to handling any eventual claim, you can rely on our local offices to ensure your peace of mind. With MSC Extended Protection you’ll also be offed franchise protection and a supplementary ‘all risk’ layer of protection in case of damage to your cargo during transit. 


Please note, this ‘all risk’ layer of protection is for an additional minimum cost based on the cargo value (CIF value +10%).

One-stop-shop Approach to Shipping Protection

We are always by your side. This is why we designed our Extended Protection solution as a one stop shop approach that offers the benefit of a sole interlocutor throughout your journey with MSC. This approach ensures a more efficient and simpler process.

Wide Scope

Our solution is available for both spot shipments and volume contracts, worldwide. MSC Extended Protection supports a broad range of transportation solutions, including warehouse-to-warehouse and anything else in between enabling you to protect your cargo on a door-to-door basis, subject to carrier haulage.

Our extended cargo protection services are available for frozen cargo, and dry containers with high value limit. For your fresh produce, we also have a dedicated solution.

Easy Pricing Procedure

The tariff charged for MSC Extended Protection is easily calculated, based on your cargo value and specificities. There is also the option to select partial value protection. The applicable tariff will be displayed on your freight invoice to help ensure you receive the protection your cargo deserves.

Protect your Cargo with our Easy Claims Process

We aim to conclude all Extended Protection claims within a 30 working-day average period, running from the submission of your completed file. To minimise the impact of the claim process we offer a straightforward procedure with:

● Fewer documents needed to submit a claim
● Simplified, efficient, and easy processing
● Local point of contact

A Fast-tracked Claims Procedure

The handling of your cargo claims will be taken care of by MSC directly through a fast-track procedure relying on three main elements:

  • Easy processing

  • The support of a dedicated Claims team

  • Surveys conducted by a surveyor appointed by MSC

What is Covered with the MSC Extended Protection Solution

MSC Extended Protection covers a wide range of cargoes and offers a supplemental layer of protection for your cargo for accidental damage, loss, or theft during its journey with us.

Our extended cargo protection covers loss or damage to cargo due to:

● Fire.
● Stranding, grounding, sinking, collision.
● Heavy weather events.
● Acts of God/natural events.
● Wetting damage (hole in container roof allowing water infiltration).
● Stevedore mishandling.
● Thefts & pilferage.
● Reefers’ temperature variation (from 24 consecutive hours).
● Geopolitical events (riots; strikes; warlike operations at sea; terrorism and weapons).


MSC Extended Protection Solution Does not Cover

Please be aware, that our cargo protection systems do not cover loss or damage to cargo due to:

● Delays.
● Insufficient or improper packaging.
● Loss or damage attributable to the willful misconduct of the shipper, consignee, or other merchant.
● Ordinary leakage, loss in weight, wear, and tear.
● Inherent defect, quality, or vice.
● Temperature or atmospheric pressure changes.
● Other events (sanctioned countries; persons or goods; seizures or arrests; cyber-risks, and similar events).


FAQs about MSC’s Extended Cargo Protection Services

Discover more about how MSC’s Extended Protection service ensures a seamless protection experience for your cargo.

How does MSC Extended Protection Process Work in Case of Damage to your Cargo?

What to do in case of loss or damaged cargo:

  • In cases where damage is apparent, contact your MSC local agent immediately to organise the survey of cargo with a Lloyd's surveyor at MSC's cost. If the damage is not immediately apparent, you have 3 days from the delivery date to contact your MSC local agent.

  • If the container is delivered damaged or with seals or locks that are broken, missing, or in any state other than that stated in the shipping documents, you must document the delivery receipt accordingly, and state assumed loss or damage. You must also retain all defective or irregular seals and locks for subsequent identification.

  • When damage is apparent- Before taking delivery of the goods, document the delivery receipt, stating assumed loss or damage and retain all packing materials for further inspection. You should also take pictures of damaged packages and items. Please document this and notify MSC with details of the discovery and the estimated claim amount.

  • When damage is not apparent- Immediately upon discovery of said loss or damage, please document this and notify MSC with details of the discovery and the estimated claim amount.

What is the Difference Between Extended Protection and Cargo Insurance?

Although different to cargo insurance, our Extended Protection services offers an extra layer of security in case of loss or damage to your cargo while under MSC’s care. Our Extended Protection services is an extended liability product which widens the carriage terms of the standard MSC bill of lading.

Can I Combine Marine Cargo Insurance and Extended Protection?

The Extended Protection services works perfectly alongside your existing cargo insurance solution. Extended Protection is the perfect addition to your marine insurance, and covers your deductible, making it a valuable investment.

Is the Extended Projection Services Available for Spot and Volume Shipments?

MSC Extended Protection is suitable for both types of shipments and all volumes.

Does MSC’s Cargo Protection Solutions Apply to all Cargo and Equipment Types? 

Currently, MSC Extended Protection is available for shipments carried in dry and reefer containers (for frozen cargo only). If you have fresh cargo to protect, please check our dedicated solutions page.

Please check our cargo exclusion here to verify if your shipment qualifies for Extended Protection solution.

Some cargo can be protected under the EPR, however under certain conditions (defined as Restricted Cargo). Restricted cargo list and conditions available here.

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