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Experts in Moving Milk and Other Dairy Produce

Here at MSC, we have over 50 years experience shipping milk, cheese, butter, cream and other dairy produce around the world. Dairy requires delicate care and a cold chain that keeps it fresh from the farm to the supermarket. We move dairy in a range of reefer container types, on road, rail and over sea.

With our presence in more than 155 countries, we have the know-how and equipment to keep your refrigerated and frozen dairy cargo in perfect condition, without compromising its shelf life, freshness or quality.

  • Global coverage

  • Strong intermodal offering (road, rail, barge)

  • Cold Storage warehousing solutions

Milk and Cream

The global demand for dairy makes it one of the world’s most important perishable products. MSC is a trusted partner for many worldwide dairy suppliers, and understands the importance of transporting liquid milk and cream in perfect condition, to any destination. Our reefer containers ensure food integrity for all kinds of milk and cream products.


Butter can be shipped as frozen or chilled, depending on customer requirements. This delicate dairy commodity requires particular temperature, humidity and ventilation equipment. Our cutting-edge reefer containers keep your butter cargo at optimum conditions during transit, ensuring the best results from end to end.

End-to-end Reefer Solutions

Chilled and frozen dairy products are in safe hands with MSC. We understand the importance of preserving the condition of our customers’ perishable cargo, with end-to-end reefer solutions. Our cold-chain logistics includes cold storage warehousing, road, rail and barge networks, ensuring the quality of your dairy produce from the moment it is loaded to its delivery point.

Your Dairy Cargo Needs more than Port-to-Port Shipping

Our local experts will support and guide you through the shipping process. We ensure fast and secure transport solutions to any destination.

  • Pre-trip inspection

  • Controlled atmosphere

  • Customs Clearance

  • Cargo Cover Solutions