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Tailored with a perfect fit for your retail supply chain.

Count on us for Retail Shipping and Logistics

Today's retail consumers expect extensive choice and, high quality goods at competitive pricing whether they shop online or in-store. Commercial success is dependent on efficient global product sourcing and a “just-in-time” supply chain that is both flexible and robust.


Retailers rely on efficient global product sourcing and a flexible and robust “just-in-time” supply chain. We provide seamless port-to port delivery for retailers of all sizes. We have decades of experience and expertise in worldwide retail shipments. Asia is a key exporter of retail goods and we have dedicated services from Asia to Western destinations.

So whether you are shipping furniture,
apparel, footwear, white goods or fast-moving consumer goods (FMCGs), you can rely on MSC with our growing number of ocean services and dedicated value-added solutions.

  • Strong intermodal offering (road, rail, barge)

  • End-to-end solutions

  • Smart containers

Fast and Reliable Transit Times

We have the experience and expertise to support your retail supply chain logistics, including time-sensitive requirements for FMCGs and other exports.

Whatever your cargo, we ensure it is in exactly the right place at exactly the right time. Our East-West Network enables us to ensure we can meet your time-to-market requirements, no matter how complex your supply chain is.

Fun fact:

MSC Gülsün could hold the equivalent of 1,995,504 washing machines – that’s almost 2 million!"

Extensive Inventory of Equipment

MSC’s global port coverage, connectivity and experience supports your retail shipping needs. We can also tailor a complete retail logistics solution for you across your entire supply chain.

That could mean transporting FMCGs in reefers or food-grade containers, footwear, white goods or apparel. You can trust our reliable and well-maintained equipment to be there, when and where you need it. Inland transportation solutions and smart container tracking are two of the features of our robust and reliable end-to-end delivery service.


We know that being able to track and manage your shipment remotely helps you to keep your retail supply chain moving.


For apparel, ask your local representative if garment-on-hanger (GOH) technology is available.

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Supporting End-to-end Retail Supply Chain

MSC has the scale, equipment and port range you need to create a robust retail supply chain. Our unique global presence makes us the perfect partner for your retail supply chain. We can connect all stakeholders from factories in Asia to manufacturers, suppliers to distributors, and retailers to wholesalers, both online and in-store.


With MSC, your cargo is always in the right place at the right time. Our dedicated teams understand the demands of the wholesale and retail distribution channels and have the experience, expertise and reliability to support your time-sensitive delivery requirements. 

Customer Service Excellence for Retail Clients

Just as consumers demand customer service excellence from retailers, the same applies to us. Retail companies expect high service levels from their shipping and logistics partner.


That is why the customer support team at MSC works hard to build productive, long-term relationships with every client. We take the time to understand your individual needs. We design and deliver services that supports you as your business and product lines evolve.

The Tech Below the Deck

The technology that powers our cargo shipping means that your retail goods are always in the best hands. We are continuously investing in our range of digital solutions to add greater security, transparency and efficiency to our cargo services.

Supported by MSC’s award-winning local customer service teams, our solutions include:

• Secure, proprietary eBusiness digital platform, myMSC.
• MSC electronic bill of lading (eBL).
• Direct integration, via API or EDI.
• Access to blockchain-based data platform.

Let MSC Look after your Retail Logistics

Leverage MSC for retail exports and imports connecting China. MSC understands that logistics can be a major challenge for retail companies. That is why our growing number of ocean services and value-added shipping solutions offer the perfect fit for retail exports and imports

Comprehensive network of global services. We ship from all major retail producing regions, to more than 150 nations.

Dedicated retail solutions. Our value-added services include GOH, warehousing and intermodal equipment and solutions (availability depends on selected agencies).

Track retail shipments overseas remotely. Our smart containers provide timely information for better planning and decision making.

Access the scale, speed and reliability that you deserve. MSC’s East-West Network offers more ports, more weekly departures, faster transit times and improved reliability.

What do you need to ship?

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Because you Need more than Port-to-Port Shipping

Looking for extra storage, inland transportation or support with customs paperwork? We've got you covered.

  • Warehousing and Storage

  • MSC Cargo Insurance

  • Smart containers