MSC Tea export and import services MSC Tea export and import services

Shipping your tea
around the world

Tea is the second most popular beverage in the world after water: it is estimated that up to 20 billion 6 oz. cups of tea are taken daily globally. Consumed hot with a teabag, with loose leaf tea for gourmet ones, we can also enjoy a fresh bubble tea or an iced tea. Tea market is growing as the consumption is increasing every year. Green, black, white, Oolong, Pu-erh, Matcha, Chai and herbal, tea has many types and flavours and is consumed all over the world.

Global Reach

We ensure the support of the thriving tea import and export trade with our presence across 155 countries, including the world’s top tea producers, India, Kenya and Sri Lanka. We have dedicated trade services connecting the main exporter countries to the main tea market hubs worldwide. We provide availability of food grade containers, dedicated containers depots and intermodal solutions.

India, Kenya and Sri Lanka are the main producing countries of tea and accounts for 75% of the global production.

From fields to cup

To prepare the tea for transportation with the highest level of care, our expert teams work closely with tea exporters, brokers, and importers. From tailor-made inland solutions to tea-stuffing and handling services, MSC offers the resources, equipment and flexibility that your tea export and import needs, especially during peak season.

Next to you every step of the way

Every tea shipment is different, and its transportation needs attention and expertise of the highest level. We take huge pride in offering expert support every step of the tea export process. We’ve got your multimodal transport and handling needs of the tea shipment covered, from pick-up to delivery. Our dedicated teams are here to guide you through appropriate and country-specific procedures and provide advice around shipment preparation and compliance with local regulations.

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