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Welcome to our MSC Terms & Conditions. This section will help you access our various terms and conditions documents.

MSC Agency Terms and Conditions

Please consult the Terms and Conditions below, according to your required location (countries of booking, origin, transit and destination). Should you have further questions concerning the documentation, we invite you to contact the legal (claims) department of your local agency, where our experienced staff will be only too happy to help you. 


Americas Africa Europe Middle East Asia-Pacific
Argentina Algeria Austria Bahrain Australia
Bahamas Angola Albania India Bangladesh
Bolivia Benin Belarus Iran Cambodia
Brazil Cameroon Belgium Iraq China
Canada Djibouti Bosnia-Herzegovina Israel Hong Kong
Chile Egypt Bulgaria  Jordan Indonesia
Colombia Gabon Croatia Kuwait Japan
Costa Rica Gambia Cyprus Lebanon Korea
Cuba Guinea Czech Republic Myanmar Malaysia
Dominican Republic Ivory Coast Denmark Oman New Caledonia
Ecuador Kenya Estonia Qatar New Zealand
El Salvador Liberia Finland Syria Pakistan
Ghana Libya France Saudi Arabia Philippines
Guyana Madagascar Georgia UAE Singapore
Honduras Malawi Germany Yemen Sri Lanka
Jamaica Mali Greece Taiwan
Mexico Mauritania Hungary Thailand
Nicaragua Mauritius Ireland    Vietnam
Panama Morocco Italy Le Navi
Paraguay Mozambique Italy Spadoni
Peru Nigeria


Suriname Senegal Lithuania
T&C Haiti Sierra Leone Malta
Trinidad and Tobago Somalia Moldova
Uruguay South Africa Montenegro
Venezuela Sudan Netherland
United States (USA) Swaziland North Macedonia
Tanzania Norway
Togo Poland
Tunisia Portugal
Zimbabwe Romania

     United Kingdom    

MSC Bill of Lading and MSC Sea Waybill Terms and Conditions:

For the enhanced security of commercial transactions and the prevention of fraud, the MSC Bill of Lading and MSC Sea Waybill are printed on specially commissioned paper, which is characterised by watermarks and other security features.

Our Bill of Lading Terms and Conditions and Sea Waybill Terms and Conditions are available on this website in a larger format, for ease of reading.

For your convenience, we also provide the translation of the MSC Bill of Lading in Spanish, Russian and Chinese, as advertised on the right by "Chinese BL terms", “Spanish BL terms" and "Russian BL terms" (note that only the English version is binding, and it shall always prevail in case of any discrepancy between the various languages).

Bill of Lading pdf (240 KB)
Sea WayBill pdf (159 KB)
Bill of Lading translations in Spanish Russian Chinese pdf (712 KB)