Personal Data Request

MSC is committed to protect your personal data in accordance with applicable law. In line with the MSC Policy, you are entitled to ask us the information we hold about you. You may also request to have your data rectified or deleted, or exercise any other right as proposed below.

The following form is used to confirm your identity (to ensure your personal data are not provided to unauthorized party) and to assist us in fulfilling your request. We will contact you within a 30-day period after receiving your request.

Please note that MSC might request from you additional documents proving your identity as well as information about your request. These documents and pieces of information will be treated with high confidentiality and in compliance with applicable laws.
Only authorized personnel, under MSC Data protection Officer's responsibility and bound by a duty of confidentiality, will process your request and process the document(s) you transmit. The personnel is based in Geneva, Switzerland.
Your documents will be automatically deleted within 90 days after your request is closed/completed. The details of the request will be kept for the time strictly necessary for MSC to address your request and meet its legal obligations.

Your privacy and confidentiality are important for us.
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