Fostering inclusive trade Fostering inclusive trade


The global economy relies on transport and logistics to enable trade, generating growth and social prosperity.

MSC is in a unique position to create value by connecting local communities, facilitating access to a global market and supporting customers through resilient and disruption-free supply chains.

With our expansive global reach and operations in more than half of the world’s least developed countries – which are particularly dependent on trade for economic growth due to their limited social protection to spur recovery – MSC is uniquely placed to contribute. We believe our role implies a responsibility that goes beyond transporting cargo. By creating connections, we help secure fragile economies around the world by enabling access to trade, reducing inequality through inclusive and sustainable trade and growth that can be enjoyed by all.

As a leading end-to-end logistics company, we have a responsibility to support progress in consolidating and securing more inclusive trade in the coming decade, by creating value along our entire value chain to connect the world.

Trade promotes sustainable development through its direct positive effects on local job creation, expertise and infrastructure, presenting opportunities for production, cooperation and innovation. As MSC’s global network continues to grow we will be instrumental in generating value through employment creation (both direct and indirect), as well as through our infrastructural investments in communities challenged by disparities. In addition to facilitating economic growth, our activities have the potential to contribute to creating social stability and improving people’s lives.
Fostering inclusive trade
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