La economía mundial depende del transporte y la logística para posibilitar el comercio, generando crecimiento y prosperidad social.

MSC se encuentra en una posición única para crear valor conectando a las comunidades locales, facilitando el acceso a un mercado global y apoyando a los clientes a través de cadenas de suministro resilientes y sin interrupciones.

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Creating Value By Connecting The World

Shipping and logistics are the backbone of global trade, and by creating connections MSC helps secure economies around the world. Our commitment is to enabling trade, connecting local businesses to global markets and supporting economies towards the achievement of sustainable and inclusive growth.

Without resilient supply chains, people cannot access the essential goods they need to really thrive. We are committed to laying the strong foundations needed for future growth, building resilience and reducing inequality by ensuring the safe and timely delivery of critical commodities and medical supplies to communities – particularly at times of crisis.

We are equally focused on securing fragile economies and supporting the equitable distribution of benefits of business and trade. We play a key role in facilitating trade access in remote and vulnerable regions, ensuring the consistent flow of goods across borders and maintaining the market connections on which local businesses depend.

Enhancing Local Industry Through Logistics Ecosystems

We are committed to continuously adapt, innovate and invest in solutions to facilitate evolving trade flows and disruptions potentially impacting access to essential products and services, enabling trade access for small- and medium-sized enterprises in emerging markets.

Where enabling connectivity is vital for national GDP growth – particularly in remote or landlocked countries, which are often confronted with higher shipping costs due to their dependency on imported goods – MSC’s focus remains on ensuring secure and reliable links to ports through intermodal solutions and logistics hubs to address today’s increasingly complex and fragmented supply chains.

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