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Building strong, flexible relationships with our customers.

Count on us for your Mineral And Mining Shipments

For decades MSC has been successfully connecting the mining and minerals extraction industries with customer markets around the world.

As mining and mineral products are instrumental for many industries including construction, technology, manufacturing, and energy production, MSC’s ability to offer fast and reliable transit times helps ensure your supply chain remain on track.

With the global demand for commodities like graphite, iron, steel, copper, or ore continuing to rise, it’s important to work with a shipping partner who understands the challenges faced by the industry. For example, in instances where natural disasters or geopolitical tensions can impact your overall supply chain, working with an expert in the industry can help you overcome these delays and get your supply chain back on track.

  • Reliable and well-positioned equipment.

  • Outstanding port coverage

  • Fast and reliable transit times

Scale and Knowledge Ideal for Mining and Minerals

We recognise the need for businesses to work with a shipping partner that can combine global scale with an extensive equipment inventory. Through our global network of agency offices, we offer you expert guidance on the optimal transportation for your cargo. This means you can relax, safe in the knowledge that your mineral and mining products are being handled by experts.

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Personal Touch

Beyond this, at MSC we take the time to get to know our customers’ businesses and work to build long-term relationships. We adopt a ‘people first’ approach that allows us to provide unrivalled customer service that continues to improve over time.

Add our vast array of digital solutions to this, and as a result, we’re able to offer ever-more flexible solutions, all designed to reflect your changing needs. Whether you need to adapt your supply chain due to global changes or want advice on which container is right for iron ore shipping, our team is ready to help.

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Reliable And Well-Positioned Equipment

Shipping minerals and mining commodities with us offers you tailor-made services to suit your needs and the needs of your cargo – wherever you are in the world.

No shipment is the same, and at MSC we have the advantage of being able to offer our customers numerous container types to help ensure that their cargo is transported as safely and efficiently as possible. 

Advantages of Partnering with MSC for your Mineral and Mining Cargo Shipping Solutions

At MSC we have decades of experience in the transportation of mineral and mining commodities, which ensures we are well placed to help you overcome the complexities that can occur throughout the shipping process.

Shipping copper or other metals or minerals can often involve numerous forms of transportation and require several border crossings or storage points. At MSC not only do we offer our customers a complete range of inland shipping and storage solutions, but our extensive global port network means we are well placed to help ensure your mineral or mining commodities get from A to B as quickly as possible.

Shipping mineral or mining products requires care, precision, and expertise. Our range of equipment, combined with our global port coverage and industry expertise ensures we can provide bespoke solutions for your mineral and mining exports. Contact us today to explore how MSC’s mineral and mining solutions could be beneficial for your business.

  • Warehousing and Storage

  • Cargo Cover Solutions

  • Smart containers

  • Customs Clearance

Minerals and Mining Shipment FAQs

What challenges do you face with mineral and mining product transportation? 

The process of organising mining and mineral shipments can be complicated by several factors.

One of these is the many different regulations and documents that all products must be compliant with. Not only do these vary depending on the region but can also change depending on our customer requirements. To avoid delays or fines, all documentation must be accurate, which is where partnering with an expert in mining and mineral shipping solutions, like MSC, can be hugely beneficial.

Another challenge faced when shipping mineral or mining commodities is the need for additional safety and security to ensure your cargo arrives at its intended destination in good condition. Ensuring you have the right containers and storage facilities is a key part of achieving this. 

What types of mining and mineral commodities can be shipped?

Common examples of mining and mineral commodities that can be shipped include:

• Metals such as aluminium, copper, iron, ore, railway track, slag, steel, tin, or zinc
• Minerals including coal, coking coal, graphite, marble, stones

Which is the right container for mining and mineral shipments?

For ease of handling, metal and mineral cargo can be exported in a standard container. This method is ideal for smaller quantities, valuable commodities, or materials like ore that require special handling.

Other options for shipping your metal or mineral exports with MSC include:

• Ideal for shipping hazardous, or precious cargo our dry cargo containers come in standard sizes, including 20- and 40-foot containers.
• Our specialist cargo solutions, including breakbulk and out of gauge cargo solutions are perfect for businesses needing to ship cargo that includes oversized items or that requires top-loading. Another form of project cargo solutions, MSC’s flat rack containers are designed to make shipping heavy or bulky cargo simpler and easier thanks to their collapsible sides.

Why is it important to properly package minerals and mining cargo properly?

As some exports are corrosive, flammable, or can be affected by moisture or temperature changes, it’s vital to ensure they are packaged appropriately to prevent damage or depreciation during transit.

What regulations and permits are required for shipping minerals internationally?

Although the regulations and documentation needed for shipping minerals internationally can vary, there are some crucial regulations that must be followed.

• All exports must include the export licensing and certificate.
• You should also check the customs tariffs and instructions of duty for your country of import
• You may also need to confirm what the aggregate levy and climate change levy is for your import and exports.

Our global teams of industry experts are on hand to help advise and support you on which documentation you need for your mineral export.

Which country produces the most minerals?

The top countries known for producing the most mineral exports include:

• Zimbabwe
• Gabon
• The Democratic Republic of Congo
• Egypt
• Libya
• Angola
• Algeria
• Nigeria
• South Africa

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