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Caring for your paper,
pulp and forestry commodities

Transporting forestry products, from logs to packaging materials, anywhere in the world

Count on us for your forestry, paper and wood exports

MSC is the flexible and reliable partner you need to handle your pulp, paper, packaging, and forestry product shipments. Developed with sustainability in mind, our door-to-door solutions ensure flexible deliveries all year round, with expert support at every step.

  • Continuous investments in greener technologies 
  • Strong intermodal offering (road, rail, barge)
  • Flexible availability of equipment
An expert in the transport of pulp, paper and forestry products

Using our knowledge in transportation and logistics we can provide versatile solutions for your pulp, paper and forest products.
Our expertise covers importing and exporting paper products, including cardboard and packaging materials. Exporting timber, logs, firewood, pulp, plywood and wooden products (including prefabricated houses) is easy with MSC.

A flexible partner

Forestry commodities are typically high-volume cargoes requiring a flexible approach to meet customer and market needs. From the Mediterranean to Australia, MSC delivers a tailored dry cargo supply chain solution that ensures equipment availability and allows for easy adjustment of vessel capacity. With more than 20 years of experience in this sector and a port presence in all strategic regions, we provide customers with the knowledge and capacity they need to support their growth.


Did you know? 
MSC is one of the world’s leading carriers of wood products within North America, Europe. 

End-to-end transport solutions

MSC's services connect the world’s leading mills and suppliers with their major customers across the world. Whether you're shipping wood in the form of logs or packaging materials, our bulk cargo solutions deliver fast and reliable transit times, market-leading global port coverage, and extensive equipment availability, including smart container solutions. Backed by experienced customer service and continuous investment in our global transportation network, you can be sure that we will take care of your cargo from pick-up to delivery.


Because you need more than port-to-port services

Looking for extra storage, inland transportation or support with customs paperwork? We’ve got you covered.

  • Door-to-door delivery solutions for businesses of all sizes 
  • Warehousing and Storage
  • Customs clearance support
  • Smart containers

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