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Whether you’re looking to aid intra-European trade or to ship further away, as a European business, it is vital that you work with a shipping company that understands the diversified industries, intricate infrastructure and market.

When shipping with MSC you benefit not only from years of experience and expert support but also from our personal, tailor-made approach to customer service. Our presence in 47 countries throughout the European continent, combined with our global reach and strategically designed services, make us your ideal partner for shipping goods to or from Europe to the world.

Our local experts are here to offer you the right mix from our full portfolio of solutions, to cover the needs of your business. Reach out today!

 MSC Laurence (built 2011), 12 400 TEU
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Our Key European Shipping Solutions and Services

Our presence across Europe gives us insight into the unique requirements of the European market. This means that not only are all our services (including enhanced offerings such as the Dragon Service) designed for our customers, but they leverage on our local knowledge to ensure the most successful outcomes for companies shipping to and from Europe.

Our key services include:

  • Strong intermodal offering (road, rail, barge)

  • Fast and reliable transit times

  • Wide range of equipment and transport methods

Significant Ports in Europe

As well as offering numerous services (such as our Transatlantic shipping services) that connect Europe with many countries, we pride ourselves on our presence across all the major hub European ports, including:

The Port of Antwerp:

One of the most significant ports in Europe is the Port of Antwerp. Its strategic position makes it an ideal gateway for goods entering or leaving the continent, and a key point for businesses looking to trade on a global scale.

Gioia Tauro:

Located in Southern Italy, Gioia Tauro serves as a gateway to Southern Europe. As a transshipment hub, this is a pivotal stage in numerous global supply chains and helps facilitate the flow of goods between Europe, Asia, Africa, and the Americas.

This approach helps us facilitate efficient global trade and connect European businesses with continents around the world.

Importing or Exporting: European Trade Routes

As it plays a crucial role in numerous trade deals and global supply chains, goods and services need to be shipped to Europe or from the continent as quickly and efficiently as possible. As different trades require different journeys, we use as many different shipping routes as possible for our European shipping solutions.

One of the many trade routes offered by MSC is our Short Sea Network, which aims to use ocean transportation as much as possible during shipping freight within Europe. Not only can this help reduce your carbon footprint, but also minimises bottlenecks and enables you to expand your capabilities as a business.

For businesses shipping from Europe, our transatlantic shipping services are designed to deliver at scale and speed. Whether you need to connect with Canada, the USA, or Mexico, with 15 dedicated services our team will be able to deliver the best solution for your business.

Equally, our East-West Network makes shipping to Europe even more reliable. Offering access to more ports and with a greater number of weekly departures, you’ll have the opportunity to access the European markets with ease.

MSC Savona
Transatlantic Services 

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 MSC Oscar (built 2015), 19 224 TEU, at Asyaport in Turkey
East - West Network
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European and Short Sea Network
European Supply Chain Management Practices

Ensuring that your supply chain is agile and flexible is a vital part of enabling successful cargo shipping to and from Europe. This means you can quickly adjust to changes in demand, avoid bottlenecks and ultimately stay ahead of your competitors. Equally, having good communication throughout your supply chain also makes it easier to respond to changes or challenges quickly and enables a seamless flow of information and goods from the start of their journey to their final destination.

Working with MSC as your European shipping partner means that you’ll be working with local experts who understand the intricacies of shipping to and from Europe successfully. You’ll also have access to our ocean and intermodal transportation solutions, along with our dedicated warehouses and storage solutions all of which combines to allow you to optimise your supply chain as effectively as possible.

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