MSC Isabella (built 2019) 23 656 TEU  MSC Isabella (built 2019) 23 656 TEU


Connecting The Netherlands to the world

MSC has been helping customers to ship cargo to and from The Netherlands since the early 1980’s. Today, with more than 60 services connecting to all global routes, MSC Netherlands moves well over a million TEU of cargo per year.

MSC Netherlands operates 4 terminals in Rotterdam and dedicated MSC terminal in Antwerp and employs  425 employees across the MSC Cargo division & MEDLOG.

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Demurrage, Storage, Plug In and YOC charges in the Netherlands

What is demurrage?
Demurrage is the charge applicable, after the free time expires, for the use of the carrier’s container. This charge is applicable for both inside the marine terminal, inland depot, railroad facilities or container yard and while with the customer.

What is storage?
A storage charge is applicable, after the free time expires, for containers left inside the marine terminal, inland depot, the rail ramp or container yard (for the use of the land).

What is plug in?
The plug in charge is applicable, after free time expires, for temperature operating containers inside the marine terminal, inland depot, the rail ramp or container yard.
This charge covers both the plugging, unplugging, monitoring and usage of electricity of the temperature operating container.

What is YOC?
Yard Occupancy Charge (YOC) is a one off charge at the marine terminals charged on the 13th day of dwelling after discharge.
This charge is a longstanding fee and will be charged only for import containers.
All of the aforementioned charges can also apply while the container is undergoing customs inspections, or while the cargo inside the container is being reworked for safety reasons.
If (an) import container(s) is/are on quay for over 20 days, we may block the container and request for immediate payment of aforementioned charges before unblocking the container. In case of a dispute of one of the aforementioned charges, please write the reason of disputing as well as the invoice numbers to both of the following addresses: ;

Questions about demurrage, storage, plug in or YOC charges?
For questions or tariff sheets please contact our Netherlands team.

SOLAS VGM information for The Netherlands

Government approval status

• The government will check the procedures and will certify the methods used.

• The “Inspectie Leefomgeving en Transport - (ILT)” will be responsible for enforcement and implementation of the VGM regulation within the Netherlands.

• More info

What to include in your VGM instructions

The following items are mandatory and must be on all VGM instructions

• Booking or Bill of Lading number

• Container number

• VGM + unit

• Authorized person’s signatory (submitter of the VGM who may be authorized to act on behalf of shippers)

• Responsible party Name


How to submit your VGM instructions


• Manually (INTTRA, GT NEXUS, Certiweight or any other)

• Direct communication (only UN/EDIFACT VERMAS supported)

• Email/Fax

Deadlines for sending your VGM instructions

• VGM must be submitted to the ship-agent ultimately 24hours before physical closing of the vessel. The VGM cut-off date will be mentioned on the booking confirmation.

• If the VGM is not timely submitted, the container will not be planned/loaded on the vessel.



• Containers arriving at the gate without VGM will be allowed at the terminal, however not loaded when VGM not provided in time. Please be aware that the terminal has no weighing facilities.

• Manual methods of submission (email or fax) will be accepted but strongly discouraged and charged with a fee. Preferred methods are the established digital channels to avoid delays and documentation errors.

Contact information


Customer service desk - Your local MSC contact

• email:

• Phone: +31 10 217 86 00

Import local requirements The Netherlands

The Goods carried must be taken receipt of by the party having title hereto without delay at the Port of Discharge or Place of final destination, as the case may be. If Goods are not taken receipt of, the Carrier shall be at liberty at the sole risk and expense of the Merchant to put the Goods in safe custody.

A secured electronic release can be arranged only with a written request at the risk and account of the Receivers. Import handling fee and other local charges are applicable per Bill of Lading. In addition, any other outstanding charges related to the shipment needs to be paid as well in full before MSC will release the shipment.

Empty MSC containers (including similar articles to consolidate Goods) must be re-delivered in clean and good condition and free of odors, using the elsewhere mentioned re-delivery reference. Failing to do this, the Merchant is liable for all damages or expenses incurred in this respect.

Container demurrage, and/or quay hire to be paid prior release of Containers. The applicable tariff will be communicated at fist request.


Value added services:

Inland Transport: all modalities available on request, but subject to acceptance

Customs formalities:

Clearance, custom transit docs is available on request but subject to acceptance

Custom documents only in combination with inland transport



Invoices can be requested only by email to the correct department(s) see contact details.

Import Contact details:







PAYABLE ELSEWHERE ROTTERDAM (shipments with POD in the Northwest Continent (excl Rotterdam) from all trades that are payable in Rotterdam):

MSC Import Summary Declaration to Customs:

MSC Import Summary Declaration to Customs of cargo arriving on deep sea terminal is done via the Port community system of Rotterdam named Portbase.


We refer to MSC BL/SWB Terms and Condition for your rights and obligations as a MSC customer.


The scope of MSC NL Legal & Claims department is:

- Survey invitations for potential claims

- Regular cargo claims (reefer and dry containers)

- Incidents with financial consequences/loss

- Error and Omissions caused by MSC NL

- Loss BL incidents

- Legal and Claims related advises

For any questions or to lodge a claim with MSC Netherlands, you can contact the Legal & Claims department via following email-address:

Our Offering in The Netherlands

At MSC, we believe that global success depends on local solutions and local expertise. Discover our complete range of services to support customers shipping to or from the Netherlands

· Nationwide door-to-door delivery

To simplify your supply chain, we offer truck services via MEDLOG and third-party vendors. Here we can find tailor-made solutions across modalities such as truck, barge & rail
· Supply chain management 

At MSC we offer a variety of services that fall under qualified supply chain management through in the form of storage, lashing & securing and expert services such as customs, fiscal representation, and insurances. 

· Customs brokerage

Our goal as MSC and MEDLOG is to assist customers in a complex logistics world by providing a first-class Customs solution focused on cost (duty) reductions and compliancy.
Our dedicated focus is to deliver high standard service level toward customers, especially because we understand that the complexity of customs procedures and formalities can have a knock-on effect within our customers’ core business. 
We invite you to speak to your local representatives for more information and to find out how we can simplify Customs for your business.

LOI (Letter of indemnity) for lost or destroyed OBLs (Original Bills of Lading)

What is an LOI?

An LOI (Letter of Indemnity) is required when an original Bill of Lading is lost or destroyed. It can be completed by shipper at the Port of Loading, or by the consignee at the Port of Discharge.

MSC’s global LOI requirements are set out by our Geneva headquarters. The LOI must be completed as per these instructions in order for a duplicate Bill of Lading to be issued.


Questions about LOI?

Contact our Claims team through and herewith please find the LOI form.

How to get an online Freight Quotation

Getting a personal freight quote and Booking directly with the shipping line has become ever more simple with MYMSC.

This is a guide to understand how to get a freight quotation and book your import or export container online.

As Importing or Exporting party there are a few decisions to make around your logistics:
1-   Will the importer or exporter get an ocean freight quote and book the cargo
2-   Does one book directly with the shipping line or container carrier against using a freight forwarder or digital forwarder
3-   Will this be just an ocean freight quote or will one book an intermodal solution, so from and to door, ramp or port.

Container carriers taken up on the demand around booking online is serviced directly by the container carrier instead of making use of a (digital) freight forwarder, which on it's turn book the cargo with the same shipping line. 

MSC has launched MYMSC.COM which walks you through all necessary steps to get your container loaded aboard a ship, including container tracking once loaded.

Step by step, MYMSC will guide you through the following modules:

1- Instant Quote - quick quotes 24/7
2- Documentation - your booking confirmations, Non-negotionable B/L, Arrival Notices, Invoices, Draft B/L & AMS Declaration status
3- SOLAS VGM - all steps to comply with timely VGM submission
4- Ebusiness - From Online Shipping instructions & additional services to Draft B/L Approval
5- Dashboard – status overview and notifications of quotes and shipments
6 Tracking & Vessel information – track shipments by B/L, schedules and cut-off’s and Customs Release Status

All in all today’s container shipping is a lot more transparent in comparison to the past especially considering that all operational schedules, deadlines and cut-offs are accessible online 24/7.


How to find the best Intermodal Solution for my cargo?

How to explore a logistics companies’ network capabilities and find the best fit for your supply chain. 

MSC, being the world’s biggest shipping line, has a global logistics network which extends from all corners of the world meaning that there is always a transport solution and container depot next to your warehouse, factory, or store. 

To best consider the optimal supply-chain for your import or export 20’, 40’ or 45’ container there are a few considerations to make around geography, what intermodal modalities to select next to your short-sea or deepsea transportation and whether to book ocean transport separate from intermodal transport. 

In the Netherlands alone MSC deploys 15 container depots which are centered around multimodal transport, meaning truck, barge or rail, all offering multiple weekly or even daily sailings to the main ports of Rotterdam, Antwerp and Flushing. 

We offer tailormade solutions for inland transport combining rail or barge with last-mile trucking, where maximum transit time is around 3 days from discharge in one of the main ports to final destination. 

Rail to Venlo goes by a transit time of 2 days whilst trucking goes by a transit time of 1 day meaning loading and delivery are within the same day.

One point to take into consideration is around free-time, demurrage, and detention aside from the geographical journey of your cargo.

Hence, an intermodal solution booked directly with the shipping line in will make free-time and detention significantly more carefree as the complete pre-carriage plan is within control of the shipping line and therefore free-time on export is less of a factor, especially in combination with one of our container depots always close by. 

Search online 24/7 schedule information or contact one of our local MSC representatives for a quote. 


How to choose the right supply-chain, using a forwarder or the shipping line?

How to choose the right supply-chain, using a forwarder or the shipping line?

Here are three things to consider when you’re deciding on your supply-chain outcome: 

- What responsibility of which part of your supply-chain, i.e your INCOTERMS
- Booking an end-to-end logistics product or simply port to port 
- Booking directly with the shipping line or a freight forwarder

Although the above-mentioned points may seem detached from one another, they do have one important consideration in common – how much do I want to be in charge of my cargo?

General adage:  What you focus on, grows. We invite you to grow the relationship with us online over for quotes, bookings, documentation and much more or directly with one of our trade managers based in one of our 570 offices globally here. 
Now, let’s dive in why: 

Oftentimes smaller or inexperienced importers and exporters go to freight forwarders as the perception is that it is difficult to speak directly to a shipping line.
To some extent that used to be true, yet now with an ever digitalizing environment the online portals that come off the container carriers are the same sources of information that feed the Forwarder and all other trading companies within that supply-chain. 

In today’s world its rather easy to ask, compare and book directly with the carrier. This goes for port to port combinations or door to door and everything in between and therefore the respective INCOTERMS that apply to your shipment. 
At MSC and as an industry, we are doing our outmost best to minimize the information bias and supply everyone with up-to-date information 24/7 in our online portal, which is easily accessible after a quick registration.

We invite you to register and build the relationship today, as long-term benefits is what we believe in at MSC.

After hours contacts

At MSC, we strive to answer all possible queries that may come up during business hours to help you navigate the different stages across the cargo's journey. 

For urgent matters outside of business hours we have dedicated desks with 24/7 reach to make sure there is always someone to help you on your way. 


Department Surname First Name Phone Number E-mail
 Barge / Intermodal On duty    +31 10 2178750
Logistics Empty Containers  On duty    +31 10 217 8724
 Import Release  Arnold Nico +31 6 53147405
 Operations Captain's Room & Cargo Ops  On duty   +31 10 2178006;


For Trade related matters that are less urgent please contact your local MSC representative.

Cargo Loading

MSC's cargo handling facilities are strategically located to ensure the efficient and timely loading of goods for export and import. We also provide cargo consolidation, loading and re-loading, packing, unpacking and cross-loading services from containers to trucks.
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Container Weighing (VGM)

All MSC local offices provide certified scales to record and verify container weight (verified gross mass or VGM) in line with Safety of Lives at Sea (SOLAS) regulations. VGM instructions are mandatory for all shipments for safety reasons and vessel operators can only load a container if its weight has been appropriately verified. Contact your local MSC team for more information and support. 
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Our team of in-house forestry experts enables us to provide dedicated cargo fumigation services for the seamless shipment of wood. As a specialist in log shipments, including a long track record of shipping wood to the Far East, we provide tailored support for all of our customers, including those with specific requirements due to the bark beetle infestation in Northern Europe.

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