cherries hanging from a tree cherries hanging from a tree

Your partner for sHIPPING 

Keeping cherries cool and on the move

Count on us for your cherry exports

  • Fast and reliable transit times
  • Flexible availability of reefer equipment
  • Tailored-maid services in container depots
  • Great coverage of all strategic loading ports

Cutting-edge reefer technology

Temperature control & dehumidification

Consumers today expect a constant supply of fresh, tasty, and visually appealing fruit. Our world-class reefer fleet is equipped with the technology you need to preserve your fruit’s taste, freshness, texture, and aroma. We use the Cold Treatment process as a chemical-free way to eliminate or slow down the development of pests in your load of cherries. Our containers also feature 

  • Controlled Atmosphere (CA) technologies to extend the shelf life of the different fruits
  • StarCool® CA
  • XtendFRESH®
  • Liventus®
  • Maxtend® 
  • Purfresh®

Door-to-door solutions

Our experts are always ready to provide flexible and cost-efficient door-to-door transportation solutions across our worldwide sea and inland network.


Our modern, efficient fleet, combined with our fast and reliable connections, helps improve producers' access to markets and brings quality fruits worldwide.


MSC Reefer containers stacked
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