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We keep your sesame seeds in the best possible conditions
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At MSC, we have a deep knowledge of the value chain of this seed,

and we offer solutions that are tailored to your needs.
  • 多种设备和运输方式
  • 端到端解决方案
  • Food-grade containers

Tailored to your supply chain

Our sea, road, rail and barge network connects the world’s largest sesame seed-producing regions in Africa and Paraguay with key trade centres in Asia, Europe and North America. MSC offers customised, end-to-end solutions that can be adapted according to your supply chain requirements.

Kept in perfect condition

We understand the importance of preserving the quality of sesame seeds. Thanks to our experience in transporting food and dry cargo, your precious seeds are in safe hands throughout the journey, from the moment you book until the moment they reach the end customer. This includes dedicated warehousing and storage. We use food-grade units to extend the shelf-life of the seeds, so we can transport them over long distances without damaging their appearance, flavour or quality.

End-to-end support

By combining our extensive multimodal network in Paraguay and Africa with our global port coverage MSC ensures the very best door-to-door service no matter where your sesame comes from. Our highly skilled teams of local experts guide you through the different shipment options and handle the entire process, from container stuffing to customs paperwork.

Because you need more than port-to-port services

  • 仓储和储存
  • 智能集装箱
  • MSC 货物保险
  • 强大的多式联运服务组合(公路、铁路、驳船)