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Connecting Algeria to the world

MSC has been supporting customers shipping goods in and out of the People’s Democratic Republic of Algeria since 2000. From six offices in the country, our 160 employees deliver reliable and efficient services designed to serve a wide range of industries.

As the world's tenth-largest country and the largest in Africa, Algeria offers a vital gateway to the continent. The country borders Tunisia, Libya, Morocco, Western Sahara, Mauritania, Mali, Niger and the Mediterranean Sea.

If this is the first time you have shipped to or from Algeria, our in-depth country guide covers everything from general trade information to import and export procedures to ensure the smooth transport of your goods.


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Detention and Demurrage


  • Only 90 days of demurrage can be invoiced and collected in Algeria.
  • Only import demurrage can be invoiced by the line.
  • Export demurrage invoicing is not allowed by Algerian law.


Storage is settled directly by receivers to terminals. The rates are not under MSC control but are paid directly by the customer to the port terminal.

Liner terms

Algeria ports are free in/free out.


SOLAS VGM information Algeria

Government approval status

  • The Algerian regulation is contained in the Regulation n°2/16 of 14st June of the General Directorate for the Merchant Marine and ports, as the competent body in Algeria.
  • IMO advice of a practical and pragmatic approach when verifying compliance with the requirements of SOLAS regulations for a period of three months after 1st July 2016 has been hosted by Algerian Authorities. 
  • The mass variance allowed by Algerian Authorities is 5 %.
  • Port/Terminal´s VGM will prevail in case of discrepancy.
  • Scale station authorized: Port / Dry port/ Customs warehouse or private owners certified customs OEA.
  • Method 1 exclusively imposed by Algerian government and scale stations subject to certification (by ONML state office only). 
  • Gate-in without VGM may be accepted but subject to extra costs. 
  • No VGM, no load.

What to include in your VGM instructions?

The following items are mandatory in Algeria and must be reflected on your submitting document:

  • Shipper’s name and address. If the verification is performed by a third party on shipper´s behalf, both names and addresses shall be specified. 
  • A third party can only be the scale station.
  • VGM+ data shall be expressed in kg/lb.
  • Method used to obtain the VGM. Only method 1 accepted.
  • Identification of the measure equipment used and statement confirming it meets ONML quality requirements.
  • Name and signature (electronic signature or capital letters) of the shipper or his representative, and the scale station responsible.
  • Date and place of issue.

How to submit your VGM instructions?

In case VGM weighing service is available at the Terminal and you are interested in this service, your local MSC office should be aware of this, before containers gate in.
The VGM will be submitted by the shipper by means of any of these channels:
       - EDI (VERMAS)
       - Port community systems web platforms.
       - Via an E-mail attachment using the Microsoft Excel template provided by MSC Algeria and under a given Subject format.

Deadlines for sending your VGM instructions

  • VGM cut-off matches the Vessel berth or closing time announced by your agency commercial team.
  • Late VGM submission (after the closing time) will mean No-Load.

Admin fees and costs

  • MSC reserves the right to apply charges related to VGM transmission
  • If the VGM is not received on time the container will be put on hold and all related costs (including but not limited to demurrages, storages, moves, plugging) will be for the account of the shipper.


  • We strongly recommend to submit your VGM before Terminal´s Gate-In in order to avoid extra costs.
  • According to the regulation n°2/16, if the containers is weigh with truck (trucks gross weight + gasoline quantity must be subtracted)
  • VGM can never exceed the maximum container payload listed on the Safety Approval Plate. 
  • In case VGM is provided in a separate document, please include Booking and/or Container number.
  • Keep VGM records for 5 years.

Contact information

  • Algiers Agency
    Mr Walid Saidi
    Mob: +213 555 001 802

  • Oran Agency
    Mr Belguendouz Sofiane
    Mobile: +213 555 621 579

  • Bejaia Agency
    Mme Tadjadit Kahina
    Mobile:+213 555 621 574

  • Skikda Agency
    Mr Sofiane Keriker
    Tel: +213 38 76 45 13
  • Annaba  Agency 
    Ms Raja Hocini
    Tel: +213 560 98 61 01/02/03

Prohibited cargo


All goods may be imported except: 

  • Precious metals, such as gold and silver
  • Military cargo without the required authorization
  • Any import dealing with pornography or drugs
  • Pharmaceutical products produced locally
  • Used clothing

Old/unused cars: 

New cars can only be imported if:

  • They have never been subject to a registration procedure in another country;
  • The difference between the date of manufacture and the date of entry on the national territory does not exceed 12 months;
  • The distance does not exceed 100 kilometers (km) for cars/vans or 1,500km for trucks/buses/coaches.
  • Exceptions apply for diplomatic cargo (belonging to a foreign citizen, not a person bearing Algerian nationality), in which case a used car can be imported subject to prior authorization by the Algerian Ministry of Foreign Affairs and an engagement to re-export the car at the end of the diplomatic mission.
  • Prior to accepting any booking for a new vehicle to enter Algeria, shippers must ensure the vehicle complies with the 2015 specifications for the import and marketing of new vehicles related to global safety standards.


All goods may be exported except: 

  • Books, films, and other articles offending morality
  • Waste from ferrous and non-ferrous metals (suspended for export)
  • Raw hides (suspended for export)
  • Coral in the raw or semi-finished state
  • Palm plants
  • Breeding sheep and cattle
  • Objects representing a national interest in terms of history, art or archaeology, including old vehicles
  • Animals and plants of protected species
  • Ozone-depleting substances (ODS)
  • Counterfeit goods
  • Gold and military cargo without authorization
  • Any other goods subject to prohibition under a statutory or regulatory provision

List of terminals 

Ports and terminals

MSC operates services to and from the following Algerian ports and terminals, with local teams based in each location to support our customers. Empty container depots are available in the city limits of the above ports belonging to MSC subsidiary MTA.

  • ALGIERS has two container terminals in the same port:

- DPW Container Terminal

EPAL Container mix area for handling bulk and general cargo vessels

  • ORAN: EPO Container Terminal
  • BEJAIA: BMT Container Terminal
  • SKIKDA: EPS Container Terminal
  • ANNABA: EPAN Container Terminal

Out-of-gauge (OOG)/Flat containers

  • ALGIERS: Delivery at port
  • ORAN: Delivery at port
  • BEJAIA: Delivery at port
  • SKIKDA: Delivery at port
  • ANNABA: Delivery at port

Cargo Loading

MSC's cargo handling facilities are strategically located to ensure the efficient and timely loading of goods for export and import. We also provide cargo consolidation, loading and re-loading, packing, unpacking and cross-loading services from containers to trucks.
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