How MSC promotes a culture of safety on board


How MSC promotes a culture of safety on board


The situation

Focusing on safety is fully in keeping with the MSC core value “Care for People”. Throughout onshore and on-board operations, MSC considers that the safety and welfare of employees is paramount.

At MSC, staying safe involves being informed and implementing best practice. To achieve this, MSC develops and implements a full programme of safety management systems, policies, and procedures, in accordance with relevant national laws, international regulations, and applicable ISO standards.

Our Strategy

Shipping is a complex business. The MSC approach to health and safety is, accordingly, broad, inclusive, and fully comprehensive to ensure that all assets are protected in line with best practice and in accordance with international standards and regulations.

As part of our company’s commitment, MSC Shipmanagement offices in Sorrento and Cyprus were awarded OHSAS 18001 certification, which demonstrates MSC’s success in ensuring that health and safety standards are implemented and maintained.

MSC’s safety culture is woven into our approach to crisis management. In this area, speed and expertise are central to our success in managing any incidents that may arise. Company-wide experts are deployed to ensure that any emergencies can be resolved swiftly even in the most difficult conditions. An exceptional feature of MSC’s crisis management response is the immediate notification and involvement of senior management.

Our Impact

Our care for people is demonstrated by our staff development strategy and professional training which focus in particular on ensuring personal, cargo and navigational safety.

MSC management coordinates training and guidance on, for example, the handling and management of hazardous materials, dangerous goods and chemicals to which personnel may be exposed, and maintenance of records of work-related injuries and illnesses. MSC also implements risk assessment procedures and incident investigation to ensure continuous improvement of practices to provide a safe environment for employees.

In 2018, a Health and Wellness Committee has been established at MSC Shipmanagement in Cyprus to address safety themes in a structured manner. Rank-specific computer-based training programmes are available, which crew members can follow in their own time. During 2018, staff on board completed nearly 100,000 training hours of this computer-based training.

Duty of care on safety extends to an undertaking by MSC to aid others in difficulty at sea. MSC seafarers are trained to provide assistance in such eventualities, while also maintaining the safety of crew, vessels, and cargo. Throughout 2018, MSC ships undertook 17 separate ocean rescue operations all over the world, including cases of man overboard, stricken vessels, and missing persons. While deviations may incur additional fuel costs and delays, MSC management considers that shipping schedule and cost are secondary concerns in the context of aiding fellow seafarers in distress.

To find out more, see pages 80-88 in the MSC 2018 Sustainability Report

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