Contingency Plan NWC to Asia

MSC Mediterranean Shipping Company would like to inform you that some sailings will be excluded from North Europe to Asia in the coming weeks.

Our customer commitment to a provision of timely and effective service continues. Therefore, please rest assured that you may continue to place bookings as usual, with alternative routings in place as follows:

Week 12 Omission

LION Service
Voyage FL812E, ETA Antwerp 18.03.2018

Week 13 Omission

SWAN Service
Voyage FW813E, ETA Felixstowe 25.03.2018

Week 14 Omission

CONDOR Service
Voyage NR814E, ETA Hamburg 08.04.2018

Despite these alterations, you would be able to continue to place your bookings as usual.

We are committed to providing an uninterrupted service for your cargo needs, and are therefore arranging alternative routings. Detailed contingency plans are already in place.

In the meantime, for any questions or concerns regarding this information, please contact your local MSC office.