Transpacific Blank Sailing - Contingency Plan USWC

MSC would like to inform customers that we will have the following blank sailing program during the week 47.

The following contingency plan will allow you to continue to place bookings with limited disruption to your cargo flow.

Transpacific – USWC Week 47:

  • PEARL SERVICE – Voyage MSC RAPALLO 545N will be a blank sailing.
    Cargo originally intended for this voyage shall be routed to alternative services and/or inducement calls to cover all POLs.
  • JAGUAR SERVICE – Voyage MSC FRANCESCA 545N shall be routed as per original schedule and inducing Xiamen call (ETD 16.11.2015) to collect PEARL cargo.

For further details concerning sailing dates and other details pertaining to this blank sailing program, please contact your local MSC representative.