Expanding The Reach of Your Cargo Cover with MSC’s Extended Protection


Expanding The Reach of Your Cargo Cover with MSC’s Extended Protection


Elevate your cargo cover and take your protection beyond the basics with MSC’s Extended Protection solutions, which is designed to offer you additional peace of mind throughout the shipment of your cargo.

Protecting your cargo against financial losses is crucial, in events such as war like situation (at sea), rough weather, fire, theft, and many other occurrences. Our Extended Protection solution is the extra level of protection you need for your cargo’s partial or full value.

Available globally for a wide range of cargo categories, with a simple, fast-tracked claim resolution process and a one-stop-shop approach aiming to solve claims in 30 working days from the completed submission of all necessary documents, protecting your cargo has never been easier.

Add extended protection to your booking in a few clicks and enjoy seamless protection of your cargo’s value and the support of a dedicated team at every step of your cargo’s protection journey.

You can choose to fully protect your cargo’s value by investing in Extended Protection, or alternatively only partially protect your cargo with our solution, to cover for example the deductible your current insurance applies when refunding you in case of damage: By doing so you ensure that the value of your cargo is fully covered by both your actual insurance and the extended protection. Our solution is designed to give you the maximum peace of mind throughout shipping.

Pick which option suits you best, select the value corresponding to your cargo, and MSC will take care of the rest. With MSC Extended Protection you benefit from:

  • A broad coverage scope for shipments carried in dry and reefer containers (frozen cargo only), door to door or anything in between.
  • Perils insured including war risk at sea, fire, stranding, heavy weather, theft, stevedore damages and Reefer temperature variation.
  • Valuation basis calculated on your cargo value, and with the option to select partial value protection.
  • Fast-track procedures to ensure speedy claims resolution.

Not only does this mean there are no hidden costs, but like our fast-track claims procedure, this process ensures that protecting your cargo is efficient and effective.

When using our Extended Protection offering, you will have support via our online services and through your local agent every step of the way. This means that there is always someone on hand to answer any questions, or resolve any concerns you may have, so you will be free to focus on your wider supply chain.

Benefitting Your Business with Our ‘Easy Claims’ Process

With Extended Protection we minimise the impact of the claim process by offering a straightforward procedure that aims to conclude all claims entering the scope of the EPR within a 30 working-day average period, running from the completed submission of your all related files.

Our fast-track procedure relies on the support of our dedicated Claims team. Any surveys will be conducted by a surveyor appointed by MSC, at MSC’s cost, so you don’t have to worry about an additional organisation or cost.

Revolutionising the Approach to Pricing and Invoicing

MSC Extended Protection not only covers numerous transportation solutions (combined sea and land transportation), and a wide range of cargo, but we also offer transparent tariff charges. Based on your cargo value and specificities, your applicable tariff is immediately visible at booking stage on our ebusiness platform, myMSC and will be displayed on your freight invoice so there are no hidden costs.

Our solution is based on a ‘pick and choose’ concept. If you want your cargo to be fully protected with the EPR, select the value range corresponding to the full value of your cargo. Alternatively, you can also choose to partially protect your cargo value or simply protect your existing deductible. Whatever option you select, you will always be able to directly see the EPR tariff attached to your cargo value.

Additional Details Concerning MSC Extended Protection

To learn more about MSC’s Extended Protection Solutions, please see our Extended Protection General Terms and Conditions. You can also get additional information via our FAQs or by contacting your MSC representative.

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