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Shipping Lithium from Argentina to the World

Argentina’s rich lithium reserves play a pivotal role in the global shift towards sustainable energy usage. Not only is the lithium extracted used to produce batteries, power electric vehicles, and support renewable energy storage systems, but all these products and services are vital in helping to shape clean and efficient energy solutions.

Recognised as a significant exporter, businesses involved in the extraction, export, and transportation of lithium from Argentina need to remain up to date on all the latest documentation and regulations required by the industry. That’s why working with a global shipping company like MSC can be invaluable.

Not only do we offer global reach, thanks to our range of intermodal solutions, but we have also been helping support businesses operating in the mining and minerals extraction industry, including those involved in lithium extractions, for decades. With the help of our dedicated customer support team, we can offer tailor-made transport solutions, that help ensure your supply chain remains on track.

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First Class Customer Service

We believe that a seamless journey begins with exceptional service. Our sales and customer service teams serve as the cornerstone of this belief, dedicated to providing unwavering support throughout the booking process. Highly trained and committed, our professionals specialise in the nuanced requirements of transporting and shipping lithium, ensuring precision and care in handling this valuable commodity.

From navigating country-specific procedures to meticulous shipment preparation, our team guarantees a smooth and efficient export process. Your peace of mind is our priority, and we are committed to delivering a time-saving and hassle-free experience at every step.

Shipping Lithium Cargo, to Any Destination

Our commitment to efficiency spans the globe, shortening the distance between the primary lithium mines in Salta, Jujuy, and Catamarca provinces in the Northwest region of Argentina, and the key final destinations: China, Japan, and South Korea.

With an extensive global network, we strategically position ourselves to bridge continents, facilitating the swift transport of your lithium cargo. Our interconnected logistics channels mean we can seamlessly navigate the vast geographical expanses and optimise transit times to ensure a reliable and streamlined flow of lithium exports worldwide.

Tailor-made Transport Solutions

We understand the intricate logistics involved in transporting lithium from the rich reserves of Argentina to the ports of loading.

When it comes to shipping lithium from Argentina, our tailored intermodal solutions, involving the seamless integration of truck transportation, enables us to ensure the smooth and swift transit for lithium cargo. Not only does this minimise transit time, but also enhances your supply chain’s overall reliability, allowing you to successfully meet the demands of a rapidly evolving lithium market.

Because you Need More than Port-to-Port Services

Whether you need bespoke intermodal and shipping solutions when transporting lithium from Argentina, or expert guidance and customer service, we will be on hand to offer tailor made solutions to help protect your lithium export throughout its journey.

As one of the most reliable carriers in the world, with outstanding global schedule reliability, at MSC we provide a range of solutions and services designed to meet the individual needs of our customers.

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