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We Keep your Chia Seeds in the Best Possible Condition

  • Food-grade container availability to meet seed requirements

  • Regular trade services to and from Paraguay

  • Fast and reliable transit times

Shipping a Sought-after Superfood

Known for its nutritional benefits, chia is loved by health-conscious consumers around the world. Preserving its quality requires a shipping partner with a high level of specialist knowledge and the right technology. MSC helps chia seed producers in Paraguay to safely transport their precious cargo to North America and Europe, facilitating access to the main trade centres of the world.

The Right Conditions for your Cargo

We understand the importance of preserving the quality of your chia seeds. Thanks to our experience in transporting organic foods, we take care of your cargo from the moment we receive it to the moment it reaches the end customer. For example, we use food-grade units to extend the shelf life of the seeds, making it possible to transport them across long distances without damaging their appearance, flavour or quality.

End-to-end Support

MSC offers tailor-made transportation solutions by road, river and sea , ensuring the very best door-to-door service to meet your requirements. We provide our customers with end-to-end support and expert advice on everything from cargo insurance to customs paperwork.

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Because you Need More Than Port-to-Port Services

  • Intermodal solutions combining river, sea and road

  • Smart containers for real-time visibility

  • MSC Cargo Insurance