MSC to Attend and Speak at Green Maritime Forum 2019


MSC to Attend and Speak at Green Maritime Forum 2019


MSC is pleased to be participating in and holding a speech at the Green Maritime Forum, a comprehensive event focusing on the expansion and development of shipping related processes.

Bud Darr, MSC’s Executive Vice President for Maritime Policy and Government Affairs, will have the honour of holding a speech entitled “How a diversified industry can keep up with a diversified set of regulatory challenges” at the event, which takes place on 2 April in Hamburg, Germany.

The Green Maritime Forum aims to utilise the knowledge of expert speakers like Bud Darr to assist industry leaders in obtaining the tools and practices they need to cultivate the most innovative and environmentally-friendly maritime business.

In his speech, which takes place at 9.00 am on 2 April, Bud will draw on decades of experience as a global maritime leader in public policy, government and industry as well as his current perspective from working at MSC Group, which has a container ship fleet of 510 vessels, as well as 16 cruise ships. Bud is closely involved in the company’s response to developments in environmental public policy and regulation and other industry-wide issues such as carbon reduction, maritime security, safety at sea, illegal wildlife trafficking and international shipping policy.

International shipping is subject to increasing regulation to help minimise greenhouse gas emissions and encourage the use of low-Sulphur fuels. Among the most important and imminent developments is the new global 0.5% limit for Sulphur content in fuel, which comes into force on 1 January 2020, as well as significant regional changes.

MSC is committed to promoting a sustainable business model and has a longstanding commitment to promote responsible and environmentally sound operational practices and procedures while extensively investing in carbon reduction and cutting-edge pollution prevention equipment.

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