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From Ambition to Action

For Zero Impact on the Atmosphere

MSC Biofuel Solution is MSC's first certified carbon insetting programme designed to reduce CO2 emissions along your supply chain and within our own operations. The programme contributes to accelerating decarbonisation in the shipping industry. Moving from ambition to concrete action is a “win-win” approach: we bunker sustainable biofuel, and our customers reap the CO2 savings.

As part of our journey to net-zero by 2050, we invite you to join forces to decarbonise your supply chain and achieve your sustainability targets.


Our destination is clear. Let’s navigate our journey to net zero, together.

MSC Biofuel Solution is a carbon insetting programme that delivers CO2 savings achieved within the shipping value chain. Carbon insetting is different to carbon offsetting, which focuses on future emission reductions outside of shipping.

Work with us to reduce the carbon footprint of your supply chain. Together we can play our part in the global energy transition and create more sustainable supply chains.

From Ambition to Action

Stay tuned for our video series with Allen Clifford, MSC Executive Vice President to learn more about MSC Biofuel Solution.

Enabling Sustainable Supply Chains Using Biofuel

MSC Biofuel Solution delivers CO2 savings by replacing conventional fossil-based fuel with a second-generation biocomponent derived from used cooking oil (UCO).

MSC has adopted biofuel as a transition fuel in its ocean operations, as it is much more environmentally friendly. We only use biofuel that is responsibly sourced and accompanied by a Proof of Sustainability certification issued by internationally recognized bodies.

How Does it Work

When you choose MSC Biofuel Solution – regardless of the cargo’s port of origin or destination – MSC purchases biofuel for use along your journey.

While biofuel is not currently available at all ports, we can still offer CO2 savings along any trade lane or route, as biofuel is bunkered and used across MSC’s network. This is known as “Mass Balance Concept” and allows us to deliver emissions savings to customers regardless of the bunkering port, trade lane or route; we simply use the biofuel available within our global maritime network.

The CO2 calculations used for MSC Biofuel Solution are based on latest global emissions guidelines.
The carbon insetting process is externally verified by a third-party provider, DNV, to ensure the accuracy of the CO2 savings transferred to you.

MSC also issues a Retirement Statement with the following information, that can be used for reporting on the carbon footprint of your supply chain (Scope 3 CO2 emissions):


• CO2 savings transferred to the customer (in tonnes), based on:

o Baseline CO2e emissions for the requested service using conventional marine fuel
o CO2e emissions for the requested service using sustainable biofuel
o WTWeq methodology (full CO2e cycle)  

• Biofuel specifications and certification
• Proof of Sustainability issued by the bunker supplier
External verification statement (carbon insetting process)

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