Why Choose MSC for your Customs Clearance Support Service

For businesses involved in importing and exporting, being able to get your goods through customs as quickly and efficiently as possible is vital. That’s why at MSC, our customs clearance services are designed to make your customs process as simple as possible so that you can avoid major delays in your overall supply chain.

We have a dedicated UK team of experts, who are on hand to guide you through every step of the customs clearance process. Their experience and skill mean you can rely on them to ensure your goods get through customs as quickly as possible.

Discover our complete range of customs clearance services or contact us for further guidance.

  • Local experts, global networks

  • Fast and reliable

  • Personalised service

  • Innovation and digitalisation

  • Greater flexibility

Did you know?

In the UK, all cargo that is being imported must satisfy Customs and other Government agency regulations and be formally declared to HM Revenue and Customs (HMRC).

Local Experts, Global Networks

Our teams of local networks are committed to helping you find the best solutions throughout our transportation process, including customs clearance.

We also offer a diverse range of services, including:
• MSC container clearance
• Third-party container clearance
• Trailer clearance

No matter how your goods are being imported, we’ll find the best service for you.

Advantages of Using a Customs Clearance Service

The customs clearance process can be complicated and varies from import to import. Because of this, it can be incredibly helpful to work with an experienced customs clearance service provider like MSC.

Not only do we have a dedicated UK customs clearance team, but as an Authorised Economic Operator (AEO), we ensure your cargo is processed through customs in the quickest, most efficient way. Whether you’re importing hazardous, temperature-controlled, project, or general goods, our in-house customs clearance services ensure a smooth and transparent transportation process.

Other advantages of using a customs clearance service include:
• Avoiding unnecessary delays or expenses
• Suitable product identification
• Alternative import and export solutions
• Easier overall customs clearance

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When your Business Needs More 

A Leading UK Port Range
MSC has the widest UK port network, including main and feeder ports in London Gateway, Liverpool, and Felixstowe.

Extensive Network 
We also offer a third-party network of additional specialised services for trailer and third-party container clearances through alternative ports.

Fast and reliable solutions
We strive to achieve customs clearance within two working days of receiving your request and documents for imports and on the same working day for exports. 

Personalised service
Minimise downtime and avoid costly delays with a tailor-made approach that is unique to your business needs by working with our in-house teams of customs clearance experts.

Innovation and Digitalisation
We use advanced IT tools for quick and efficient Customs declaration and data exchange, again helping to create a smoother overall shipping process.

Greater flexibility
We know that flexibility is important for any business. That’s why we offer acceptance of requests on either a shipment-by-shipment basis or yearly instructions.

Breaking Down the Import and Export Customs Clearance Process

Import Customs Clearance

To get started, simply email us with a copy of your invoice, packing list, Bill of Lading, and a completed Direct Representation Letter on your company headed paper. Leave the rest to us!

If you are unsure regarding the classification of your goods, further guidance is available from HMRC on 0300 200 3700, or email.  
Alternatively, you can visit the official website  or contact us for more details and to speak to one of our experts.

Export Customs Clearance

At MSC UK we are also able to complete UK Export Border Clearance for your MSC shipment with HMRC.

Once you have made an export booking, please contact us by email or by phone on 01473 954518 to discuss the requirements for MSC UK to complete this on your behalf.
Alternatively, if you do not require MSC UK to complete your customs clearance please send us your Export Entry information by email. Please include your MSC UK booking reference within the subject of the email and ensure all documentation has been submitted within vessel deadlines.

Customs Clearance FAQs

What is a Customs declaration?

An official document that lists and gives details of goods that are passing a customs border, being imported or exported. At MSC this document is submitted electronically.

How Long Does Customs Clearance Take?

In the UK, import and export cargo should clear within 15 minutes of arrival. However, in certain situations when complications arise or goods require inspection, the customs clearance process can occasionally extend to days or weeks.

What Customs Clearance Documents Do I Need When Importing to the UK?

The number of additional customs clearance documents for UK imports depends on the type of goods. However, all goods being imported into the UK must have the following documents:

• A Bill of Lading
• A commercial invoice
• A packing list
• An EORI Number

What Customs Clearance Documents Do I Need When Exporting from the UK?

To initiate the export process, we request that you complete a clearance request form containing the below information as a minimum:

• Exporter address and EORI number
• Consignee address
• Goods description with Net weight, value, and correct tariff code
• Customs Procedure Code (CPC)

Do I Need to Pay Customs Charges?

If you’re importing any goods worth over £15 you will be required to pay a customs charge.

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