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MSC Cargo Insurance gives peace of mind that cargo is fully covered throughout its entire journey.

Cargo transportation does not come without risks. If the worst happens, make sure you are fully protected with MSC Cargo Insurance. MSC understands the financial and emotional stress caused to businesses by cargo loss or damage. That is why we designed our insurance solution to provide customers with the widest possible coverage for maritime and inland transportation. As important, our inland and marine cargo insurance is easy to set up and claim. Our local offices will take care of the entire process for you, from initial quotation to fast claim resolution.

  • Competitively priced and fully personalized
  • Wider coverage than the standard marine cargo insurance
  • Quick quotations and rapid claim resolutions

Backed by first-class insurance providers

We team with trusted global insurance partners to deliver comprehensive cargo insurance coverage. All our policies are provided on a full cover (all risks ICC A terms) basis to protect you against the hazards inherent to maritime and inland transportation, and to secure full compensation in case of loss or damage to your cargo. This applies whether that loss or damage occurs in transit from port-to-port, warehouse-to-warehouse, or anywhere in between.

Our services cover most transportation types almost anywhere in the world and with few restrictions as to the nature of the cargo. We also provide end-to-end coverage for reefers and dry containers with a high-value limit, for example.


Did you know?
Our inland and marine cargo insurance service is available in more than 60 different countries. Speak to your local office to find out more.

What we cover

MSC Cargo Insurance offers wider coverage than the standard terms of marine cargo insurance. It includes loss or damage to cargo due to:

  • Fire  
  • Stranding, grounding, sinking, collision  
  • Salvage & general average contributions  
  • Heavy weather events  
  • Natural events (‘Acts of God’)  
  • Wetting damage (hole in the roof allowing water infiltration)  
  • Physical damage to the cargo, stevedore mishandling  
  • Thefts & pilferage  
  • Reefer temperature variation  
  • Destruction costs  
  • Sue & labour  

Cargo insurance coverage does not include loss or damage to cargo as a result of geopolitical events, packing issues, wilful misconduct of the assured, delay, ordinary leakage (loss in weight, wear and tear of the cargo) or inherent vice.  

We make claims easy

Our easy claim process is designed to deliver the best possible service and minimise the impact of any claim. Handled directly by the relevant insurance company, it features a simplified claims procedure with efficient and easy processing: 

  • We reduce the number of documents needed to proceed with your potential cargo claim. All documents to be provided will be listed on your insurance certificate.    
  • Surveyors are appointed by the insurance company via a dedicated network of surveyors that are available 24/7 worldwide. 
  • Support and updates are provided by your local contact.  
  • Cargo claims take only 30 days from submission to resolution, on average. 

We're always on your side

At MSC, we believe that providing customers with peace of mind is a key part of our job. That is why we apply a personalized one-stop-shop approach to cargo insurance. Our flexible solutions are available for both spot shipments and volume contracts, and cargo insurance cost and coverage are tailored according to your needs, cargo and chosen mode of transportation, without any hidden costs. From competitive premiums to the handling of any eventual claim, you can rely on our local offices to make the process as quick and simple as possible.

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