Success Built on Long-term Partnerships 

We build long-term partnerships with our customers because we share their passion for transporting cargo safely, efficiently and sustainably around the world.

There are many cogs in the wheels of global trade. What happens if something goes wrong? The COVID-19 pandemic has put global supply chains under untold pressure. We're proud of our people's resilience and flexibility, and of our ability to innovate and problem-solve for customers at this exceptional time.

A Network Developed for Customers

The personal touch is important to us, and our local presence ensures that you can talk directly to our people for tailored solutions:

Our global network of more than 675 local offices in 155 countries enables us to facilitate international trade between the world's major economies, and among emerging markets across all continents. 

Our 150,000 employees work hand-in-hand with customers to deliver goods and services to local communities, customers and international business partners.

Our solutions include overland transportation, logistics and a growing portfolio of port terminal investments.

Our modern fleet is equipped with the latest green technologies, including a range of smart containers that has set the standard for shipping in response to evolving environmental and customer awareness.

MSC Key Figures

*estimated 2022
  • 730

  • أكثر من 260

  • 520
    ميناء وصول

  • 155

  • 675

  • 150 ألف
    موظف لدى مجموعة MSC

  • 23 مليون وحدة مكافئة لعشرين قدماً من البضائع المشحونة في السنة


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