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Cosmetics Supply Chain and Shipping Beauty Products With MSC

As cosmetics products have become more and more sophisticated, the cosmetics industry itself has been ever-growing and expanding.

While some are classed as pharmaceutical products, cosmetics cover everything from lotions and body creams to perfume, shower gel, makeup, face creams, and shampoos. The diversity of the products being shipped means that it’s vital to work with a shipping partner who has the scale and global network to support your cosmetics supply chain.

MSC is your sure partner for your cosmetic and beauty product distribution thanks to our range of specialist equipment. Including dry and reefer cargo, our range of shipping solutions is designed to suit your cosmetic product exports.  

Beyond this, our fleet of modern, clean, and fuel-efficient vessels can help you to reduce your supply chain's carbon footprint. All our equipment is well-maintained so you can rest assured that your cosmetics cargo is in safe hands.

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Supporting Your Cosmetics Supply Chain

Whether you’re shipping skincare or hair products, having a seamless cosmetics supply chain is vital for ensuring customer satisfaction and a positive brand reputation.

Our full portfolio of solutions means you’ll access to a range of solutions across your entire cosmetics supply chain, helping to improve its overall efficiency. This helps improve your overall planning and strategic approach to your cosmetics exports, enhancing the accuracy of your operations and increasing your profits.

Digital Solutions for Your Cosmetics Shipment

Beyond this, our range of digital solutions offer greater security, transparency, and efficiency throughout your cosmetics export.

At MSC, we continuously invest in our digital shipping solutions to offer the very best visibility and services for our customers. Whether it’s our electronic bill of lading (eBL), direct integrations, or smart containers, we aim to provide enhanced visibility and greater supply chain management for your cosmetics business.

Advice from Local Experts

Throughout your cosmetic cargo’s journey, our team of experts will work with you to understand the specific needs of your business and offer you advice for the best shipping or inland transportation solutions to meet your requirements.

Equally, we work to provide a single point of contact for each shipment. This enhanced communication means you can be sure of a reliable and fully optimised supply chain.

Managing Your Cosmetics Exports

Used for cleansing, protecting, and moisturising, it’s important to ensure that your cosmetics exports are kept at the correct temperature to maintain their quality and integrity throughout transportation. Other considerations for your cosmetics exports include:

  • Implementing robust quality control measurements ahead of shipping
  • Ensuring that all regulatory requirements are met
  • Using appropriate packaging and labelling to minimise potential damage during shipping

At MSC, our global network, combined with our cold chain logistics solutions for shipping beauty products, is designed to offer you peace of mind throughout transportation. For reliable shipping, global network coverage, fast transit times, and exceptional customer support discover our full range of services now.

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